Of Tattoos and Taboos!: Anurag Anand

Of tattoos and taboos - A novel by Anurag Anand... As the name suggests its a story of a small town girl (Sejal) who get shifted to Mumbai: the home of glamour and glitz! If I have to define the genre of this book, I would say it falls in the category of chick flick:) I enjoy reading novels in this genre but honestly, I did not enjoy this one:( It was a disappointment!

I felt many of the incidents were completely narrated without any head and tail to them... Infact many of them are exaggerated. Like the way where Sejal and Kamini (her best and childhood friend) gets drunk in a pub and then head back to the home of 2 guys whom they dint even know, again get drunk to the extreme and then, have sex! And yes, Sejal has a three some: obviously without knowing! Like the way Sejal keeps on sleeping with her bosses! Like the way she gets married! Like the way she changes her name from Sejal to Sherlyn! Like the way she and her husband Vishal leads the married life: they have absolutely no problem with each other sleeping with somebody else! Like the way she gets a senior position in the marketing team of a telecom company with no prior experience in the relevant field! Like the way Vishal expects Sejal to get ready for swapping and many such incidents in the novel are completely unconvincing or rather bizarre!

Its like the author had knitted a story without even thinking about the quality of thread used! Its just a list of few incidents which have been attached somehow to the story of Sejal! Ahhhh... I know I am being a too harsh but I am sorry to say that the author has shown her protagonist to be innocent which can only be termed as a Dumb!

I would not recommend it to anyone until and unless you are a reading freak and have ample of time and also, have a quality to read anything and everything!


Cheers:) Keep smiling and keep reading...


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  2. am still looking for this book Shivani...in the meantime got all the books of Erich Segal from the library...hope to finish them before their due date :))
    thanks for the reviews... makes life so much easier for me ...i just have to visit ur page to pick my next book ;))

    1. Thanks Riddhi! Your words means a lotttt to me:) Believe me! You made my day (rather weekend:))
      Plz read Doctors first! I am sure you are gonna love it and dont forget to let me know your views about the same:D

      Happyu reading!

  3. haven't read Doctors yet though did read Only Love and am finishing Oliver's story...they are okay...i love romantic novels so I kinda liked Only Love...will let u know as soon as i read Doctors...