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  1. I was looking for review of "Balcony on the River" someone recommended to me. Didn't get any and finally bought it from The book is written by an IT professional Kaushik Ghosh. Let me share I really liked it. Infact, the way mystery unfolded was fantastic. Sharing the blurb that was available on the site

    Nevin McIntosh, a Scottish and Andy Singh, a British Sikh – colleagues and close friends work together in a large multinational bank in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. Sara Sutherland is Nevin’s girlfriend. It was a summer when Nevin surprises everyone by taking up an assignment in Mumbai, Indian branch of the bank ignoring all advices. After three months of his movement to Mumbai, Nevin takes time off for a trip to explore some parts of India and then he disappears. The next three months are full of agony and anxiety for Nevin’s parents, Andy and Sara.
    With no positive news coming from India on whereabouts of Nevin and investigations providing little confidence, Andy and Sara, friend and girl friend of Nevin McIntosh set out for India during winter on their first visit to the country without any anticipation of the experiences they will undergo and a larger story will unfold.
    A multi layered mystery story spread across different countries, cultures, characters and a few decades– “Balcony On The River