Life is what you make it: Preeti Shenoy

This is second novel by Preeti. I would start by saying that it’s a very emotional book.

This is a story about the struggle of a girl with the events which she never thought would take place in her life. I know after reading this one sentence you would be thinking so whats new about this, many novels have already been written on the same thing.

I would deny this by giving the reason that the struggle which the author has shown in this book is completely different. The protagonist “Ankita” is shown as a very wholehearted and enthusiastic lady who has various ambitions in life but something happens and everything in her life changes completely. She suffers from bipolar depression and ends up getting admitted to a mental hospital.
I love the way Preeti has depicted the whole “depression” phase! Its like she had just taken out her heart in the words. You simply get drowned in them and then starts feeling the pain! This book is little depressing but then, I also loved the way Preeti has shown her protagonist getting out of all the mess with such a bravery, which was definitely not easy. There is a phase of Ankita shown where she is almost unable to read and remember what she read just few seconds back! And the way she comes out of it is a story of courageJ

At the end, in Author’s note, Preeti has mentioned that this book is a work of fiction but it is based on some real life experiences! It made the whole book reading experience more worth it.
Its an amazing book if you like reading emotional stuff with courageous stories.

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