Almost Single: Advaita Kala

Almost single is an amazing and a realistic book which gives the insights into the world of a single woman nearing the age of 30. This is a very light and an amusing novel. Its about Aisha Bhatia who works in a five star hotel. Her job is fabulous but still there is some shallowness in that too. Aisha is a modern woman who is single and is searching for the love of her life. Author has also given us a chance to sneak into the lives of the other characters, which includes a Gay friend of Aisha, a very irritating boss and another friend of hers, who is recently divorced after being cheated by her husband and then

The characters are so lively, real time and they had been able to present themselves with such an ease! The story is so real and true. There is no incident which you feel is hypothetical, exaggerated or unimaginable in the story. Almost every single woman will be able to relate herself to Aisha’s character. The end is so funny that it was simply an add-on to the novel’s brilliancy! 
It is not at all a deep, pensive or an introspective book. It’s a very light and fun to read bookJ
Loved it and loved the characters too. A good read for all the girls and even for the boys:P

Go ahead and read it if you are looking out for something light to read.
Rating: 4/5

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