Such A Long Journey: Rohinton Mistry

I am big Mistry fan as i told you in my previous reviews. I just love his all novels.

This one is about a year in the life a parsi in mid 40s, Gustad. His only reason of hope is his son Sohrab who gets selected in IIT but then refuses to go as he has someother plans. Gustad’s hope gets completely devastated by this decision of his son and the relationship between the two rotten up to the extent that Sohrab leaves the house...

On the second hand, Mistry shows the bad face of then Prime minister, her corruptions and her cruelties! Mistry had very well reveled the corruption of then government. Even Gustad gets caught in one of such incident though not directly but via one of his very good friend.

This novel is about a man balancing himself with all the bad happenings in his life: his son’s ingratitude, Daughter’s illness, friction with the neighbors and the scam in which he gets stuck! Even Gustad’s wife has a very strong character and influence in the novel. The way she turns from a sensible character to somebody who starts doing black magic on a poor abnormal man and doesn’t even mind doing his harm.

In between, you might feel that the novel is getting stretched! But this will definitely not lead to losing your interest.

Overall a good read. A combination of many different characters and many different situations! Go ahead and read it and i assure that you would want to read all Mistry’s novels...

Rating: 4/5

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