Chanakya's Chant: Ashwin Sanghi

While writing about this book, I am finding myself short of words! Who is not aware of the great Chanakya, his tactics and his super intelligent mind. Somebody who was so much capable of altering the rule of Bharat, somebody who without any army, without any arms defeated almost all the kings of great kingdoms of his times!

In this novel, as the name suggests, you will see Chanakya’s tactics and politics in making his beloved student the king of mighty Bharata! Though he does that to avenge his father’s death.

This is a story which you will sometimes while reading the novel, you will feel very familiar to (if you have read any of other books based on Chanakya or if you have seen any of those daily soaps). To eliminate this mundane feeling overpowering your skills to read further, the author has very wisely created another fictional story which goes hand in hand with Chanakya’s story. This is about a brahmin, Gangasagar Misra, who decides to mentor a girl to become the PM of India. In this part, the author has actually shown the bad or rather worst faces of true politics! You just feel amazed at some instances, though somewhere you are already aware of all these things because they have been picked up from the politics which we see and which we do not even see around us.

Both the stories keeps you connected to the novel and successfully keeps the urge of reading and knowing more within you alive

Both the stories are somewhere, somehow also connected to themselves, because you feel a similarity in the tactics of

Surely a good read but a must read for people who love reading about politics

Rating: 3.5/5

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