Not without my daughter: Betty Mahmoody

This is one book which shook me from head to toe! Will surely not say about it as there are so many controversies attached to this novel.

This is said to be a true story of a woman Betty Mahmoody who goes to Iran with her Iranian husband to meet his family. As soon as they land in Iran, she and her daughter starts counting the days when they will be back to US but then things take a turn and her husband refused to go back and captures them there! It a story of hardships, survival, cultural differences which a woman face on a land which she would have never imagined if she wouldn’t have experienced the same by herself!
It’s a sad story. You just feel almost in tears at many stages but then the ending surely makes you smile! Its truly a story of the courage of a woman who gets herself and her daughter relieved from the harsh surroundings after great hardships! When she describes her fleeing part, even you start feeling nervous and curious as a reader! You actually unknowingly starts praying for their success in escaping. And that’s the strongest part of the novel

And there is one take away for me from this novel: A person: man or woman, strong or weak, brave or coward, tough or weedy; gets into a situation which he/she simply dismay, they tend to stretch their capabilities to get out of that situation! They put their heart and soul to it. And yes, nothing is impossible.
Go ahead and read this great story of the survival of a woman from the mouth of death!

Rating: 4/5

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