Shiva Trilogy: Amish Tripathi

Just finished reading the most amazing series: Shiva Triology! It is truly one of the best and the most remarkable series I have ever been through! Just loved reading each and every word of th2 books which have been released under this series: 1. The Immortals of Meluha 2. The secrets of Nagas. 3rd book is still to be released in Dec this year.

All I can say about this series is that the author has created an enjoyable mix of mythology and history by making Lord Shiva a protagonist. it’s a beautiful description of the Journey of cool dude Shiva to becoming a Mahadev. You just get so engaged in the pages and words of this novel and you just feel like reading more and more of it! And after finishing the first book, you surely cant wait to start the other one! And once you are done with that, you just crave for more of it!

After reading this series, I have been telling all my friends to go ahead and read it and will do the same to everyone!

Also to add, you will start seeing mythology with a different prospective all together! Amazing and a must read!
Rating: 4.5/5

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