The Palace of Illusions: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Yesterday I finished this amazing novel from Chitra Banerjee! Its again one of those novels which actually can change your perception about few things! This book is actually a narration from its protagonist: a very famous character from the biggest hindu mythology: Mahabharat and the character is Draupadi. This novel is actually a narration of mahabharat from Draupadi's prospective. Its hows her point of view about the whole thing and about her role in the Great war of kurukshetra.

While reading this novel, you will surely be bound to think about various things which you would have heard and believed while reading or watching a serial on Maharbharat!

It reveals the feelings, the approach, manners, the prospective, the outlook, the thoughts, the mind set of a woman! It reveals the true feelings of Draupadi as well, who is thought to be in extreamly love with her husbands. She is believed to be one of the most loyal, supportive and dedicated wife but this novel actually reveals her true intensions in the devotion which she had shown in her husbands.

It also reveals the true strings of the various relationship which form an essential part of this great mythology. It has also very clearly shown the realilty of all the characters.

And yes, how can i forget to mention my fav part, the part when Draupadi describes her death! I could almost feel it. Loved it, simply loved it and read it twice!

I just loved the book. If you like reading mythology, history etc, you will love it too so go ahead, grab a copy for yourself and start reading

Rating:5/5 (as I am a die hard fan of Mythologies and history)

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  1. Hi Shivani,
    Your reviews are vibrant and full of life. Really nice.
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