The Catcher in the Rye: J. D. Salinger

Catcher in the Rye is a humorous novel. The story is narrated by 17 year old protagonist, Holden! He tells us about the events which happens to him over 2 day period. He somewhere sometimes also brings up the flashback.

The character of Holden is very amusing because he always uses a sarcastic tone that surely makes you want to giggle and laugh. This is a character to which almost all the readers can relate to somewhere. One may feel little awkward or wierd in the beginning as there are a lot of sweare & F*** word being used but then this is what makes this novel special and may be that is how Salinger has been able to capture the adolescent voice and way of thinking more perfectly and poignantly.

Holden is so lonely and so alone (infact, innocent too) that he tries to get a prostitute to just chat and keep him company!!! Completely onely in this uncaring world, he has been through some terrible experiences, and no one at all seems to have noticed that he is been suffering a break down!

It's something that not every reader will be able to grasp and/or hold onto, but it's something you'll never be able to forget

Its different, unique and something fresh so go ahead and read it:)

Rating: 3/5

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