Doctors: Erich Segal

I recently finished reading Doctors by one of the most renowned authors - Erich Segal!

I will use my fav phrase here that "It is one of the best books I have ever read". You would be wondering that why do I always write this for every book that I have read. So here is the explaination: thats because when I start reading a book and I dont feel enough grabbed and engaged, if I dont get that urge to read more and more of it, if I dont get into a plight of wanting to finish the book every moment and every second, I just stop reading that book! And so, I always end up reading only those books which have the qualities I mentioned above and arent those qualities more than enough to make a book fav of mine? They are!

Anyways, coming back to Doctors. Its an amazing novel which deals with the batch of 1962 in Harvard medical college.  The story circles around the two main characters: Barney and Laura who grew up next to each other and always aimed for becoming Doctors for different reasons of their own.

Guess, It is one of the more pragmatic representations of the medicals proffesionals, offcourse apart from the usual emotional plot and drama. This novel actually gives us a peek inside the minds of Doctors, how they think, how they feel! We ordinary people consider them God but even they are normal human beings like us. The whole tiresome years which they study in aspiration of becoming a doctor one day, the reasons behind every individual in deciding on to become a Doctor and many other things have been described so beautifully and so convincingly in this novel that you just feel like reading each line again and again.

All the characters in this novel are different, and unique. The novel shows the troubles faced by each one of them, the failed relationship, every individual's unique struggle.

I would just say that go ahead and read this one novel. You are surely going to love it!!!

At last, would like to thank my husband for pursuading me to read this one amazing piece of literature.


  1. Totally agree with of the best books I have ever read. I am a complete novel freak and being a medical student myself, I couldn't stop myself from saluting the great author who has so beautifully captured each and every emotion that goes on in a medico's mind. Honestly after reading this book, I don't think I will ever question myself as to why did I choose this profession even in my deepest moments of frustrating!

  2. Undoubtedly the best book i have ever read. In fact i hav read it more than 3 or 4 times partly and fully. It jus doesnt touch the life of the medical students. It takes us through war time, it takes us through the cruelties of discrimination and so on.just one word amazing!