Love Story: Erich Segal

I guess I would fall short of words if I start describing about this novel! Again, would love to thanks my husband for dropping this one in my bucket of books.

I really have to find words beyond my fav line here because even that one line would not be suffice to describe that how much I loved reading this piece! Saying that "It is one of the best novels I have read" would be surely an understatement in case of this one. I would say that I simply and simply loved it!!!

Normally when you read love stories, you observe a lot of exagerrations been drawn because generally, love stories are written as fairy tales and obviously, fairy tales cannot be written without hyperbole! And that is why we generally start feeling repelled while reading love stories. But this one is different, its simple and uncomplicated. Its a story of 2 youngesters who fell in love. Despite of being from completely different backgrounds, there love deepens and they create a strong bond.

This novel is an amazing amalgamation of feelings, humor, relationships, bonds and tragedy!

Loved each and every bit of it. Go ahead grab a copy and read it:)

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