The Death Of Vishnu: Manil Suri

Today morning, I finished reading The Death Of Vishnu by Manil Suri.

I will definitely not say that "it is one of the best books I have ever read" as I wasn't really impressed with this one! Because I have read Manil Suri's other novel which is The Age of Shiva and the same is just out of the world in terms of the plot, story, description, writing and everything! It just blows you away!!! Well, I know this is not the review of Age of Shiva so I will stop here:)

Anyways, coming back to The death of Vishnu! First about the story, as usual I will not give any description. Because its you who should read and enjoy the story:) Will just brief it to that its a story of a man who dies on the stairs of a building. Though, he is not conscious at any stage in the book. In the flickering awareness of his last moments, he confronts the possibility that he is in fact an incarnation of the god after whom he was named. Apart from this there are stories of 4 families receding in the same building!

This novel has in many times, also has the story of a man in a weird situation of religious awareness and that's, I think was little vague and something, which an ordinary person would not like to read.

Coming back to the point, the story and plot line is nice. Infact at some points, author's imagination is just commendable! He takes you to another world... but as I said the same becomes too prolonged sometimes! Specially in the last few chapters where the author narrates two stories in parallel. One of Vishnu heading towards the roof in dilemma of whether he is a God or not and the second, Mr. Jalal's whole episode of tackling with the enraged crowd!

The description is just far too long and you feel like skipping few parts in between:( Its a hell lot of stretch!
 Also, a urge to know an end of all the stories keeps you binding with the novel but the problem is, you do not get a clear end to any of the story at the end! And when you reach the last page, you feel like "oh its finished!!! But then what happened to Mrs. Jalal, what happened to that case, what happened to Salim, and what happened to all the characters?"

I would not recommend it to everyone. If you just love reading anything and everything then you should go ahead and read this one else if reading is a luxury for you, there are many other better books available:)

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