Empire of the Moghul (Ruler of the world): Alex Rutherford

So, I finished reading this one amazing novel: Empire of the Moghul (Ruler of the world) by Alex Rutherford.

Ruler of the world is actually 3rd novel in the series of Empire of the Moghul. First one being Raiders from the north and second one is Brothers at war. The former one is about Babur who was the first mughal emperor and the later one is about his son and his successor Humayun.

The 3rd book in this series is about 3rd Mughal Emperor Akbar. Though generally I like reading books in the given series but I chose to go reverse in the case of this series. Honestly, I am a big fan of Akbar and as he is one of my favorite historical characters, I just had no patience to read the former 2 books. Also, this one novel was on my reading list since long and I am happy I am done with it.

Overall, I loved the novel as to a great extent, it had been very true and close to the real characters. Though there had been a few imagnery charcters being introduced in this novel but they all had a very little presence so it did not spoil the whole exitement of the reader.

The novel gives a very detailed reflection of Akbar's life, about his thoughts, about his personality, his likes, dislikes, his priorities etc. If you like reading history, you will surely love this one book. I specially loved the War scenes, they have been so amazingly described by the author that at times, you imagine the war being happening in front of your eyes. I even loved the way the author had woven the whole thing of relationships. He has so beautifully descibed the feelings and the emotions that bound different relations of a mother and a son, a husband and a wife, a ruler and his concubines, a father and a son and an emperor and the people. Its simply fabulous the way the author has descibed the feelings and insecurities of young Salim. It is just imcomparable to anything!

Guys, go ahead and read this one. Its awesome and I am sure, you are going to love it:)

Today I started reading the 3rd book of one of my favorite authors Erich Segal, The Class. I am super excited to finish this one as I just loved and enjoyed reading his Love stories and Doctors... Will write about it soon:)

Keep smiling and keep reading!

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