Family Matters: Rohinton Mistry

One more amazing novel from one of my fav authors Rohinton Mistry!
This novel is about 3 generations of a Parsi family who recides in Bombay. The story revolves around a 79 year old English teacher Nariman, who lives in a large flat with his step children: Jal and Coomy. The real part of the story begins when Nariman falls into a pit and breaks his ankle. Coomy, who always blames Nariman for the way he treated their mother (as he was in love with some other woman), sends Nariman to his real daughter Roxana. Roxana, her husband I(Yezad) and their 2 sons lives in a very small and a cramped flat. And that’s where the problem begins.

Will not write further about the story but to give you an idea its about the hardships which a middle class family face.
The book gets little depressing in between but then, there is a strange truth in all that. Rohinton has very impressively described the gradually transition in the change of Yezad’s sweet nature to  becoming a short tempered man and somebody who is prone to stress! He has very nicely depicted how a person changes when he is tested by the endless demands. In this book’s case, one of the major part of Yezad and Roxana’s endless demands comprises of looking after Nariman, whose patience and humour can't alleviate the burden of his presence, and the expense of his medication.
Anyways, its an amazing read only if you like reading emotional stuffJ

I loved reading this one and can read it againJ

Keep smiling and keep reading…

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