The Inscrutable Americans: Anurag Mathur

This is one of the most humorous novels I have ever read. You just tend to smile, giggle and sometimes even laugh while reading this amazing piece! The best part about this book is its written in a very colloquial language because of which you just get attached to the characters automatically!
This novel describes the experiences of an Indian student Gopal who is also the protagonist, in America, where he comes to continue his university studies. Without much prior exposure, Gopal faces a lot of cultural shock! Right from the beginning with the name of the student who picks him from the airport and eventually, becomes his best friend – Randy!
The novel has a lot of instances where his innocence leads him into some hilarious situations! There is one instance which I remember: At the airport, one of the baggage handlers tells him, “Watch your ass,” and what Gopal presumes is that the man was referring to the two donkeys the family had bought before his departure. He concludes it to be a part of bigger conspiracy of the CIA where they collects all the data they can about everyone coming to America.
The novel has many such amusing notches.
I wish I could describe all those incidents here! I think it’s a must read book especially for those who love reading hilarious stuff and love to get a gag through booksJ
Go ahead and grab this one. You will not regret!


  1. this one I want to read...will be interesting...

  2. Hey Riddhi, plz go ahead and read ths one... You will throughly enjoy it! Its amazing...:):):)