The Class: Erich Segal

Today I finished reading one more amazing piece from one of my favorite authors: Erich Segal!

I just cannot explain how much I adored reading each and every line of this novel! This is an amazing and fantastically written book which has the power to imbibe its reader completely into it...

This book unveils the story of 5 prodigies in '58 Class of Harvard: Andrew Eliot, Ted Lambros, George Keller, Jason Gilbert and Danny Rossi. They all belong to different backgrounds and have different reasons to come to Harvard... Their story begins with innocence of youth and ends with troubling realities of adulthood.

As I never get into describing the stories in my reviews, I will maintain the same here as well but really want to describe each and every protagonists 29 years life in few words:)

Danny who is a super talented pianist and is very passionate about the same. His father disowns him for getting enrolled in Harvard. His journey is about being a successful pianist despite of others pulling him down always... His story covers his highest phase where he becomes a famous and world class pianist to the lowest point where he has to leave the most important thing in his life just 'coz of a motor dysfunction

George who comes to US as a Hungarian refugee. He had to leave the country due to student upspring in '58. He is shown as a paranoid who is followed by the guilt of abandoning his fiancee while in the rush to flee Hungary! He discovers his knack for politics and ends up at a very important position in the white house because of his determination. His journey starts from having nothing, then getting everything he wanted, his downfall and then his suicide!

Jason Gilbert is shown as a person who has all the qualities of being a good son. His journey comprises his conflict in exploring his Jewish identity. His girlfriend's death at a terrorist attack gave him a reason to stay in Israel and that's when he understand his real Jewish roots. He becomes a part of their miltry and dies during a rescue operation of Jewish people at Entebbe, Uganda

Ted Lambros is born to a Greek family. He journey contains his achievement of his dreams of becoming the dean of Harvard and his divorce from his college love due to adultery

Andrew Eliot character is the common point where all the other characters get connected. He keeps up his diaries as generations of Eliot's have. His story revolves around serving in military, then getting married to one of his father's friend daughter who is a big time adulteress and alcoholic, then having 2 children, then getting divorced, then failing to get the custody of his children, then making failed attempts to impress his children

Overall, Erich has woven the stories of all the characters so fantastically that the reader is always in the plight of reading more and more about them. A must read for everybody who loves reading!!!