The Dev-D Syndrome: Chandraprakash Mohata

The Dev-D Syndrome is Chandraprakash Mohata’s attempt to show Indian love stories with a different angle.

It’s primarily the story of Dev who is the protagonist and also the narrator of this novel. But there is a very major part played by 2 other characters in this novel which are: Sid who is Dev’s best friend, Tahzeeb: Sid’s love.

The story revolves around these 3 characters and a sort of love triangle. I liked the book till a phase that I have mentioned in the next para. Good things first (that’s my rule!). It shows the happy and amazing moments of college life. The author has very beautifully written about friendship at many places in the book which I simply adored.

I dint like where author has mentioned some tips to woo a girl in 13 days (looks like author got too much inspired from "How to lose a guy in 10 days")! I just dint like that part and felt like skipping it and believe me, it was when the story became extended and boring! And my whole interest in the book went for a toss!

The ending was completely weird! I mean I felt like author got so bored of writing that he just simply wrote something and dint even care to stitch all the incidents with the people and the story nicely and properly! I so much detested the ending! It was like taken up from some crappy bollywood movie where the heroine gets raped and become pregnant immediately!!! Then she (Tahzeeb) commits suicides and then, the hero after few years gets her last letter from somebody (Simmy)whom he meets by chance (who always carried the letter with her for 4 yrs, I don’t know why and why and why!) Also there was just no link between these 2 ladies (probably they were just acquaintances) and why would somebody give her last letter to such a person??? Phewwww... Confused? I had the same situation!

Anyways, I would definitely not recommend it to everyone just because of the climax. Read it if you like reading about friends, college life, love etc and if you just feel like reading something and don’t care about the story, climax, incidents, proper links etc.

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