The Space Between Us - Thrity Umrigar

The space between us is the second novel by Umrigar. I would begin from mentioning that this novel is emotional, intense, poignant, impressive and nicely woven. I really like the way in which the author has woven the whole story: impressive!

Regarding the story-line, its strong enough to make jolt you, to compel you to think about the protagonist Bhima and same alike. It will surely make you think about your own maid. Umringar has very subtly shown the way we treat our maids and servants. We pity them but cant truly love them, we can call them our family member *alike* but we never truly mean these words!

To give an overview on the story, its a story of two main characters: Bhima and Sera. Bhima is a servant at Sera's place from years. The whole story has been revolving around the struggle of these two women. Bhima - being from a lower class has her own struggles but Sera, being from a well off family has to deal with her own share of problems!

I really loved this book. Though it got little boring and stretched in between but then, this is not enough to deter the reader from reading further, to know the complete story of these two characters. The best part about this novel is that the author has been very well able to keep a suspense about one or the other thing till the end and so, the reader is compelled to read further to know whats next?

And you know what made the reading more exciting, what kept me inspired through the whole novel? That's the thing that Bhima is actually a true character and not a fictitious one! This one fact really tempt to read further, it actually created a kind of thirst within me to know more about her, about her life, about her struggles. And to quench this thirst I only had one source: Reading this novel completely!

Go for it if you like reading emotional stuff... If that is not your cup of tea then better to remain away from this one piece else its going to bore you till death!